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Create a portfolio and test it against our AI Copilot Investing tool

Updated: 7 days ago

Based on your suggestions, we've updated Portfolio Copilot™ adding a New Feature to Manually Add Virtual Portfolios!

Now you can create and manage your virtual portfolios directly within Portfolio Copilot™, and can make the best of InvestAlert AI investing tools, regardless of your brokerage accounts.

Creating a portfolio manually 

  • Log in to InvestAlert App

  • From Add Portfolio > Choose 2 - Create a Portfolio by hand

Create your own portfolio with InvestAlert

Give a name to your portfolio and choose the currency of the portfolio then

  • Pick the Securities, Funds, Coins, ETF's you would like to add

  • Add the amount and the type of position

  • Once happy with your portfolio just save it

Accessing Portfolio Copilot™ and unlock the power of AI investing tools

After you save your portfolio, our onboarding process, which activates Portfolio Copilot™ and all analytics and features, may take up to 2 hours. We will send you an email notification once everything is ready!

Put your portfolio to the test with InvestAlert Copilot

Products and Features

Portfolio Copilot™ by InvestAlert continuously Predicts risks, highlights diversification & visualises performance. Portfolio Insights provides the 'why' behind your portfolio movements through its curated narrative & reporting feature. InvestAlertGPT is our GPT that unites the latest curated news, earnings calls, prices and macro data. By integrating chat modality,  InvestAlertGPT ensures an immersive user-driven experience.

Let us know how it goes

Your feedback matters a lot to us and we would love to hear any feedback ( on the new functionality.

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