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InvestAlertGPT: A GPT for investing

Updated: Mar 22

InvestAlertGPT offers investors an unparalleled suite of fundamental data and insights. In other words, a GPT for investing.

Leveraging InvestAlert's extensive, meticulously curated information repository, investors gain immediate access to answers and analyses pertaining to their investment queries.

Specifically, InvestAlertGPT summarizes any relevant information related to a specific stock or to recent economic developments in seconds. It adeptly addresses inquiries regarding the price movements of individual stocks, providing a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics. It's primary objective is to reduce dramatically the time that someone spends doing their research.

In the following section, we present illustrative examples of prompts to guide users on how to effectively engage with InvestAlertGPT:

A quick recap on recent market developments to kick things off

Our GPT for investing engages first with users by providing a quick summary of recent market developments.

Implementing an AI-driven approach serves to anticipate and simulate potential inquiries from users, especially those not immediately apparent. This proactive strategy facilitates a mini-guided tour, effectively setting the scene and enhancing users' comprehension of the sorts of questions the AI is optimally equipped to tackle. This preparatory step is instrumental in framing the context, thereby aligning users’ expectations with the AI’s capabilities and areas of expertise.

It's first objective is to provide the best summary information about the most relevant factors that have influenced recent market developments or specific stocks.

GPT for investing (i): Extracting the most from earnings calls

The below shows two examples of prompts to extract forward looking information from earnings calls:

A summary of forward looking statements by management in Apple earnings call.

InvestAlertGPT summarizes a forward looking statement by management in Apple earnings call

Alternatively, a summary of forward looking statements by management splitting between positives and negatives for Tesla earnings call.

InvestAlertGPT summarizes a forward looking statement by management in Tesla earnings call

GPT for investing (ii): Hypotheses testing

Investing requires not only developing a well-informed thesis but also meticulously analyzing it to uncover any potential oversights.

This critical process, however, is often marred by biases and can be incredibly time-consuming.

With InvestAlertGPT you gain an instant, unbiased second opinion. By choosing the right prompt you can have our GPT for investing scrutinize your investment thesis, offering insights and highlighting areas you may have overlooked. Sources are provided all along to facilitate fact checking.

For this scenario, we're exploring an investment thesis centered on Tesla. It's beneficial to begin with a broad overview, outlining the investment concept and the aspects we aim to scrutinize.

InvestAlertGPT provides insights about the pros and cons of investing in tesla

As the conversation progresses, users can delve into more detailed inquiries, possibly uncovering areas that were missed in their initial research or aspects they seek further information on.

Ultimately, InvestAlertGPT empowers users to conduct thorough research on their investment thesis, facilitating a comprehensive exploration of all relevant facets.

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