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Crypto Investing using InvestAlert Portfolio Copilot™

As the investment landscape continuously evolves, it's crucial for us to explore innovative strategies that can enhance portfolio performance while effectively managing risks. One such strategy is integrating cryptocurrencies into retail portfolios.

However, many investors remain hesitant given the inherent volatility and complexities associated with crypto investments. This is where InvestAlert's Portfolio Copilot™ comes into play, transforming this daunting task into a viable and attractive opportunity.

Making Crypto Investing Less Scary

Cryptocurrencies have demonstrated strong potential as diversifiers within a portfolio, offering substantial returns and improving the overall risk-return profile. However, their volatility and market unpredictability have made them a challenging asset class for many investors. Until recently, gaining exposure to crypto assets was not only difficult but also intimidating for retail investors.

The Role of Portfolio Copilot™

InvestAlert's Portfolio Copilot™ is designed to address these challenges head-on, making the integration of cryptocurrencies into retail portfolios a more manageable and appealing prospect.

Here's how:

1 - Risk Management and Predictive Analytics

Portfolio Copilot™ employs advanced predictive analytics to monitor and forecast market conditions, helping to identify potential risks and opportunities. This enables more informed decision-making, allowing investors to navigate the volatility of crypto assets with greater confidence.

2 - Enhanced Diversification with Reduced Risk

Our tools have shown that a multi-asset portfolio, when optimized with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using Portfolio Copilot™, can achieve significantly improved performance with reduced risk. For example, a simulated multi-asset portfolio with Bitcoin and Portfolio Copilot™ realized a 47% cumulative return over three years, with a reduced maximum drawdown of 11%.

3 - Ease of Access through ETFs and Strategic Recommendations

The advent of cryptocurrency ETFs and the strategic risk management provided by Portfolio Copilot™ simplify the process of gaining crypto exposure. These tools make it easier for retail investors to include crypto assets in their portfolios without the complexity traditionally associated with direct crypto investments.

4 - Customized Reporting and Real-Time Alerts

Portfolio Copilot™ offers tailored reporting and real-time alerts, ensuring that investors and advisors are always informed about the latest portfolio developments and potential risks. This continuous monitoring and proactive alerting system helps mitigate the fears associated with crypto volatility.

In a nutshell

While cryptocurrencies offer compelling diversifying properties, their volatility and the complexity of direct investment have been significant barriers for retail investors. Portfolio Copilot™ addresses these challenges by providing the necessary tools and insights to integrate crypto assets confidently and strategically. By leveraging our advanced analytics and strategic recommendations, investors can unlock the benefits of crypto investments while managing the associated risks effectively.

We invite you to explore the advantages of Portfolio Copilot™ in making crypto integration a less intimidating and more rewarding endeavour for your retail portfolios.

Please contact us if you would like to see our performance data:

Alternatively, you can build your own virtual portfolios with crypto assets on our app and see how Portfolio Copilot can help in your investing journey.

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