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A new era of financial advice: introducing an AI powered digital advisor

Products & Services

Portfolio Copilot™

The Copilot utilises historical macroeconomic data and current market insights for detailed predictive risk assessment - flagging heightened risks of severe losses. Copilot provides a comprehensive real-time assessment of key risks facing any portfolio while focusing on medium-term capital appreciation. 


Dynamic and interactive Copilot, integrating Chat modality to unite the latest News, Earnings Calls, Real-Time Price Data, and a comprehensive suite of Risk Management tools. Harness both predictive analytics and time-tested traditional methods for an immersive user-driven experience.

Concentration Risk

This feature evaluates portfolio risk by analysing asset concentration and the potential for significant losses, offering a detailed view of investment risk.

Smart News

Offering daily, hyper personalised insights into stock performances, it uncovers the critical factors influencing stock movements in both the short and long term. This approach is designed to cut through the clutter, delivering personalised, relevant updates that refine investment strategies.

Diversification Assist

Recommends securities to enhance portfolio diversification, comparing current holdings against an optimised model to reduce concentration and downside risks.


Stay informed with real-time alerts for market changes or when your portfolio crosses predetermined risk thresholds. Highly configurable to suit.


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