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  • What is Portfolio Copilot?
    A real-time portfolio analysis tool that assesses the health and performance of your portfolio holdings offering immediate remediation solutions. Consider it to be like a sophisticated risk manager watching over your portfolio holdings and warning you about any risks of severe losses.
  • Does InvestAlert manage my portfolio?
    No, you keep control of your portfolio at all times. InvestAlert does not tell you the portfolio to hold or what assets to buy, we provide portfolio and risk analytics on the assets that you choose. We do not offer investment advice or provide discretionary management services.
  • What asset classes does InvestAlert cover?
    InvestAlert's digital companion and suite of products work with most major asset classes including stocks, bonds, currencies, crypto and ETFs.
  • Will it connect to my existing brokers and trading platforms?
    Yes, the intention is that InvestAlert will connect to portfolios from a variety of platforms. This will not involve any movements of your funds, only a review of your holdings.
  • Can I try InvestAlert for free?
    Current sign ups are entirely free. We are keen for early adopters to have the benefit of using the app in its full functionality for free. Any free registration will remain free. There will never be an obligation for early adopters to move to a paid subscription.
  • What does it cost?
    All features are currently free for all early adopters and will never be charged to those early adopters.
  • Do you intend to add more functionalities in the future?
    That’s our goal! If there is a particular feature or functionality that you need, please let us know at and we will try to take your feedback into account in future product updates. Our most recent addition based on user feedback is the ability to build your portfolio manually. You have also launched recently InvestAlertGPT.
  • What is InvestAlert, and how does it support retail investors and investment platforms?
    InvestAlert is a digital advisor that leverages advanced analytics, including historical macroeconomic data and current market insights, to provide predictive risk assessments, investment recommendations, and real-time alerts.
  • What unique benefits does InvestAlert offer to wealth managers and investment platforms?
    InvestAlert offers wealth managers and investment platforms tools like Portfolio CoPilot™, Concentration Risk analysis, Diversification Assist, Alerting, Smart News, and InvestAlertGPT, enhancing portfolio management, risk assessment, and client engagement through personalized insights and real-time data.
  • How does the Portfolio CoPilot™ assess investment risk?
    The Portfolio CoPilot™ uses historical macroeconomic data and current market insights to perform a detailed predictive risk assessment, providing early loss warnings and displaying a dynamic risk gauge for visual risk analysis.
  • What is Concentration Risk tool, and how is it measured?
    Concentration Risk evaluates the risk associated with asset concentration in a portfolio and the potential for significant losses. A clear gauge indicates the concentration risk score, showcasing different levels of investment risk.
  • How does the Diversification Assistant recommend securities?
    Diversification Assist recommends securities by comparing current holdings against an optimized model to reduce concentration and downside risks, offering a curated list of securities to enhance portfolio diversification.
  • How does Smart News provide personalized investment insights?
    Smart News delivers daily, hyper-personalized insights into stock performances, highlighting critical factors influencing stock movements tailored to the specifics of an investor's portfolio, ensuring timely and relevant updates.
  • What capabilities does InvestAlertGPT offer to users?
    InvestAlertGPT serves as a dynamic and interactive copilot, integrating chat modality to combine the latest news, earnings calls, real-time price data, and comprehensive risk management tools for an immersive user-driven experience.
  • Who are we?
    InvestAlert was created by a dedicated team of experienced investment professionals, economists and academics. Our team has worked in, and with, the finance and investment industries for decades, and has years of experience in developing cutting-edge algorithms for some of the world's leading financial institutions.
  • Why are we doing this?
    We think the investment world is changing. InvestAlert is introducing a totally new service that is on the side of the investor and respects their portfolio. The investor retains total control of their investment choices. This is about partnering with investors on their investment journey by offering them access to cutting edge investment tools - previously reserved to the largest investors and institutions - at a fair price.
  • Will my portfolio data be kept private and secure?
    Protecting your portfolio is at the heart of everything we do and this includes data security. We have implemented a robust information security framework to protect you and your portfolio 24/7. InvestAlert is built with AES-256 encryption. All your data is stored on encrypted servers. We do not sell your personal data to any third parties. For more information, visit our Privacy Policy.
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